The Historical Research Development on Loneliness

By: Curtis Peterson © This blog describes the historical development of the study of loneliness   Early conceptions of loneliness associated the experience of loneliness with more dispositional and personality qualities rather than as a part of normal social motivational processes. Additionally, according to early conceptualizations of loneliness, the experience of loneliness often leads to dysfunctional behaviors. Early focus on consequences of loneliness included study of the lonely housewife and cheating behaviors (Sells, 1948) or the lonely soldier drinking excessively and engaging in sexually promiscuous behaviors (Frosdick, 1918). Indeed, as will be indicated later in this chapter, individuals who experience severe levels of loneliness can lead to … Continue reading The Historical Research Development on Loneliness

Theoretical Framework of Loneliness

By: Curtis Peterson ©   I have been asked a lot lately why I think a person’s social identity would reduce a person’s experience of loneliness. So I have decided instead of retyping the same thing over and over I would just provide a link to the theoretical framework of identity and loneliness that I have developed over the past few years. Theoretical Foundation In this section the theoretical basis for the hypothesis that saliency of social identity may reduce an individual’s current subjective experience of loneliness will be explored. Figure 1 represented the combination of four formalized theories that together … Continue reading Theoretical Framework of Loneliness

The Relationship between Drugs and Alcohol Use and Suicidal Idealization and Attempts of Montanan Adolescence

Authors: April Kortz, Alex Holter, and Aundrea Edwards Helena College University of Montana Abstract Suicidal ideation and attempts start emerging in adolescents and can be increased by the use of illicit drugs and/or alcohol. Montana adolescents participate in a survey, YRBSS, every other year that helps monitor mental health status, drug use, alcohol use, and other items. The researchers used the YRBSS data from 1999 to 2013 to look for a link between alcohol use, drug use, suicidal ideation and attempts. The data showed that students who answered yes to feeling hopeless were more likely to have had used drugs … Continue reading The Relationship between Drugs and Alcohol Use and Suicidal Idealization and Attempts of Montanan Adolescence

What is loneliness?

This article is dedicated to my mom (Becky) my daughter (Latasha), my son (Taylor) my niece (Katie) and my beautiful grandchild (Erin). In a previous blog, I compared the pain state of rejection with the negative motivational state of loneliness. In this blog, I will delve in deeper into the negative motivational state we call loneliness. Loneliness as a motivational state was first described by Psychiatrist Harry Sullivan in 1953, who stated that like many emotional states loneliness motivates us to fulfill one of our basic human drives which in this case is an affiliation and the socialization with others. … Continue reading What is loneliness?