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January 27, 2018 – Lecture 1 series

9am to 11am – What is Psychology?

If you missed in-person class and need to make up attendance and participation points, please either email me or provide a written outline of the missed content from these videos.

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February 10th

9am to 11am – The Biological Basis of Behavior – We will have a short session on methods during this session.

  • Research Methods Notes Click Here (and select “Download a Copy”)
  • Biological basis of behavior notes CLICK HERE (and select “Download a Copy”)

Recording on research methods

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1pm to 3pm – Sensations and Perceptions

  • Study notes for Sensation and Perceptions can be found by CLICKING HERE  (and select “Download a Copy”)

Hi, everyone, there was a coding error in converting the afternoon session into the video. Therefore, if you missed class in-person use this video I did back in 2015 for Helena College University of Montana. It boring but works.

February 24th

9am to Noon – Human Development

1pm to 3pm – Human Development